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General Information

KidsClick! This directory was created by a group of New York state librarians in 1997 as a guide to valuable and age-appropriate web sites for children. It includes links to sites on machines and transportation, the arts, sports and recreation, mythology, the weird and mysterious, and many others. Note: try clicking on Librarian's Eyes at the bottom of the page to see how the index looks organized by the Dewey Decimal System.

Lafayette School District You can find everything from the school calendar to directions to each school in the district on this site. There are links to the state standards and to classroom web pages at each grade level.

Student Resources



Kids' Graphing Page This site is one of the pages in the Students' Classroom section of the National Center for Education Statistics site. Examples of 5 different graphs are shown and explained to help students create their own graph.

Math Playground This site's tagline is "Play with numbers and give your brain a workout". You can choose a grade level or a particular skill, such as word problems, and find games to help you learn the skills you need to succeed in math.



Dr. Blythe's Rainforest Education Web Site This family-friendly rainforest site has online games and activities, and includes an easy reading section for early readers.

Rain Forest Birds

Rainforest Portal Following a short essay, this portal  has links to other websites with information on various aspects of rainforests such as butterflies, plants, and animals native to this environment. It includes several sites about the Amazonian rain forest.

The Exploratorium Web Site This San Francisco Museum site has electronic versions of its hands-on science exhibits.

The Mars Rovers Web Site This site has all kinds of information about Mars and some awesome photos.

Sky This part of the Sea and Sky site explores the sky, with sky news, astronomy resources, space exploration, a sky gallery, other links, and games.

Sea This part of the Sea and Sky site explores the sea, with ocean realms, ocean exploration, a sea gallery, other links, and games.

Monterey Bay Aquarium This extensive site has great information, web cams and interactive games.

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Social Studies

About California This site has information about California's history and culture, environment and natural resources, government, and much more. It's a great place to begin for fourth grade social studies.

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet This extensive, well-organized index lists links to sites that cover every aspect of Native American history, culture, and current events.

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids This site has information on U.S. symbols, laws, political processes, buildings, etc. There are even kid-friendly games.

Learning Network Sponsored by The New York Times for students in grades 3-12, this site includes science questions and answers, conversation starters, a word of the day, crossword puzzles, and many other connections to the news for both students and teachers.

CNN Student News This site includes classroom tie-ins to current events.

National Geographic Map Machine This site has road maps, physical maps, satellite maps, weather maps, maps of natural disasters etc. and you can connect via the atlas explorer link with geophysical, geopolitical, and human footprint maps of continents, countries, and even oceans. It's a must see for map lovers.

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Reading and Writing

Teachers College Reading and Writing Project As stated on their website, the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project is a research and staff development organization housed at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York. The organization is affiliated with over six hundred schools and works with thousands of others. The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project was founded and is directed by Lucy Calkins, the Robinson Professor of Children’s Literature at Teachers College.

The mission of the Reading and Writing Project is to help young people become avid and skilled readers, writers, and inquirers. They do this through research, curriculum development, and through working shoulder-to-shoulder with students, teachers, principals and superintendents. Many of our teachers have attended trainings and/or read Lucy Calkins books and training materials. In addition, coaches have been working with all of our classes to help teachers and students in this important work. It is a major focus area for our district.

Mosaic of Thought This site gives an overview of the principles used by the authors of the book Mosaic of Thought to develop and enhance students' reading comprehension. Many teachers in the Lafayette School District have been using this nationally-recognized program for several years, following districtwide staff development trainings by one of the authors, Ellin Oliver Keene.


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Homework Help

Question MarksEd1Stop This is a portal for students, teachers, and parents. From this site you can access World Book Online encyclopedia, Brainpop, and other aids to learning

Homework Center This directory, created by the Multnomah County Library in Oregon, has links to many other websites in topic areas listed alphabetically from Animals to Astronomy and Space to Native Americans to What Makes a Community. Help from a real tutor is also available.

Awesome Library Here you will find over 26,000 carefully reviewed links organized by school subjects, with a special area for homework help.