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Meet the Principal

Hi, My name is Mette Thallaug. I have been the principal at Springhill since 2015. However, Springhill is near and dear to me. I taught K and 1st grade at Springhill for 14 years before I moved on to become the reading specialist at Burton Valley for 7 years. I was also a district literacy coach for a year and the vice principal for a year before coming back to Springhill. 

I was born and raised in Southern California and moved to the Bay Area in 1992 with my husband, Haakon. We currently live in Walnut Creek and have raised 2 boys, Andreas (24) and Steffen (20).

The favorite part of my job is visiting classrooms and reading books to the students. I am inspired by the conversations we have together. When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family and being outdoors.

Principal's Message

April 6, 2020


Dear Springhill Families,

Well, we all made it to the end of our first day of remote teaching and distance learning. I met and checked in with teachers throughout the day and responded to a fair number of email questions...overall it was busy day but manageable from my perspective. However, I am not under the misconception that today was an overall success. I know that many Springhill families are struggling with how to make this work. I hear the buzz going around. I know this is going to take time and patience and I want to help.

We all have our stories, struggles and challenges. I have had to adjust my time and resources all from my home office sofa with my laptop. My husband is sitting at the desk next to me trying to keep the lights on in the family furniture store. And my 77-year-old mom (who lives with us) is now full time caregiver for our 21-year old disabled son.

The teachers have been tasked with providing new learning lessons and activities for our students. In the midst of this pandemic and the shelter in place order, we are very limited in how we can present curriculum to families and students. We cannot responsibly gain access to provide families with physical materials so online platforms are what we have for now. However, we understand that the learning environments all look very different for all our students and we by no means expect this to be an all or nothing or a one size fits all approach.

We can and will make adjustments to help everyone access the learning to the best of their abilities. We will work together as a team to problem solve, find resources that work, and to build a daily/weekly schedule that makes sense.

If, after each day, you had to rate how this is working for your family on a scale of 1-5:

1 -I/We “got this!”

2- I/We can adjust and will figure it out.

3- I am/We are indifferent and will do what I/we can.

4- This is really hard and I need HELP!!!

5- There is no way that our family is going to be able to make any of this work.

Where do you and your family fall on the scale? On any day that you rate as a 4 or 5, I hope you will reach out to either your child’s teacher or me for help. Take it one day at a time and do not hesitate to reach out before you give up or get frustrated.

Now, more important than ever, is a time to remember;



Take Care,