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Steve Parker has an exciting, beautifully photographed series, The Story of Space. He covers space stations, robot space probes, space pioneers, looking beyond (the universe beyond our solar system), the race to the moon, and satellites. The series was just published this year and is filled with interesting, up-to-date facts. If you want to know more about our planet's place in the solar system or about some of the explorations and possible theories about this final frontier read this series.


Peter rescues a fox kit whom he names Pax and the two are inseparable until Peter's father enlists in the military, makes Peter return Pax to the wilderness, and go to live 300 miles away with his grandfather. But Peter decides to set out by himself to find Pax, who is having his own hard time without Peter. Will they find each other in time? Sarah Pennypacker's novel Pax is heartfelt and moving-a classic novel about a boy and his animal friend.


Dianna Aston and Sylvia Long have collaborated on several lovely science books for young readers. A Beetle Is Shy explores the world of beeetles. Topics include the egg-to-adult cycle of beetles, their unique hard outer wings, and their different ways of moving about, communicating, and protecting themselves. Ms. Long's detailed and colorful illustrations and the distinctive layout common to all this pair's books make this a book to pore over.


James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein have written a sequel to House of Robots  In Robots Go Wild Sammy and his "bro-bot" E are trying to help Sammy's sister Maddie, who is bedridden. E is acting as her school proxy but suddenly he malfunctions and can no longer help. Will another robot upstage E? Can Sammy figure out what's wrong with E in time to help Maddie? Read this book to find out.