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Important Information

If you would like to order books for your child, please place your order and pay through the link below


Class code: RLY4H


Lexia Login Information:

Parents log in with


User name: first and last name (some kids have just last initial of their last name)


Password: read


Raz Kids Login Information:


Type in beckihanson for teacher username

Becki Hanson


We are working on making new friends, building relationships, practicing new routines, and having fun! The first graders will also be working on being whole body listeners so that we can respectfully learn about new things.



What is Math Workshop?

Math Work Shop provides quality instruction with connected independent practice. Students can work with a partner or independently and use instructional materials to explore and expand their mathematical thinking. The many activities reinforce or extend prior instruction, allowing children the opportunity to develop their mathematical understanding. Math Work Shop encourages students to communicate, reason, represent, and make connections in math. The students participate in Number Talks sharing a variety of strategies to solve problems, work in math journals, and read math literature.

Units of study will include;  number concepts, one and two digit addition/subtraction, place value, measurement/time, and geometry.

What is Writers Workshop?

Writers Workshop starts with a minilesson, where we will often look at another author’s work to help mentor us in learning a new writing skill. Students engage in shared or interactive writing and then have the opportunity to write independently while the teacher conferences with individual students and small groups to help scaffold them in their writing process. The writing process involves planning, writing, editing, and publishing. At the end of each writing unit, we will celebrate our writing with a publishing party!

*Writing Units of Study will include narrative writing, informative, opinion and fairytale writing. 

What is Readers Workshop?

As readers, your children are going on adventures by exploring series books! The children are learning to get ready before reading by taking a sneak peek (looking at the cover, title page, table of contents), predicting to see what might happen next, making the characters talk and think, and paying close attention to the character's actions. We are working on retelling the important parts (without spoiling the end) and rereading to notice more. The children are excited to read and get to know the many characters in our series books. Don't be surprised if your child asks to take a visit to the public library to check out a Frog and Toad, Iris and Walter or Poppleton book.


Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns.
I will respond Monday-Friday within 24 hours typically. I check my email in the morning before school and after school.

If you need to call before/after school hours:
(925) 927-3580 ext. 8018


Math and Literacy Games:


Math Facts:

The First Grade Team