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All are welcome!
All are welcome!

We are in need of the following items for our classroom throughout the year: 

-Baby Wipes

-Hand Soap


-Playdough (homemade or store bought)

-Prize box items (economical toys) 


Thanks for your donation! 

Scholastic Book Orders

If you would like to order books for your child, please place your order and pay through the below link. Thanks!

Classroom code: mbpzq

Raz Kids and Lexia
Lexia Login Information:
Our school is using Lexia Reading Core5™, a web-based reading program that provides targeted practice and instruction to help students develop their reading skills. As an added optional and enriching benefit, students can use Core5 at home by first scanning their badges into the district’s new dashboard, Clever. Clever Badges are an easy and secure way for your student to log in to Lexia. Students essentially scan their badge into a device's webcam rather than needing to enter a username and password.
Raz kids Information:
username: springhill10
password: rabbit image 
First Grade Teachers :)
First Grade Teachers :)
Family Resources
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Brittney Kornow

Welcome to First Grade!

I am thrilled to be your first grader's teacher this year! I strive to provide a healthy classroom-learning environment that promotes responsibility, independence, inquiry, collaboration, and high self-esteem. I hope to inspire our first graders to embrace their creativity, develop into innovators, be kind to others, and explore their natural curiosities. I look forward to working with you and your family. Please use our classroom website as a resource page as necessary. Cheers to a great school year!  



Little Library: Feel free to take a book, leave a book. Let's make sure our students are leading readerly lives! 

Book Suggestions

Book series your first grader might enjoy:

Yasmin by Saadia Faruqi & Hatem Aly 

Puppy Mudge by Cynthia Rylant

Big Dog and Little Dog by Dav Pilkey

Noodleheads by Tedd Arnold, Martha Hamilton, and Mitch Weiss

Lola Levine by Monica Brown

Lulu and the Duck in the Park by Hilary McKay

Katie Woo by Fran Manushkin

Owly by Andy Runton

Blinky the Space Cat by Ashley Spires


Interesting reads for grownups:

The Importance of Being Little by Erika Christakis

The Danish Way of Parenting by Jessica Joelle Alexander

Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman


Multi-Cultural Class Read Alouds

To help support our classroom community in maintaining an inclusive and accepting environment where all feel welcome, multi-cultural children’s literature accompanied by thoughtful discussions are integrated across content throughout the school year. Being exposed to such literature also encourages students to develop an understanding of the value of diversity and multiple social identities, which arguably is critical to being a kind and empathetic member of society. Books shared with students are age appropriate, emphasize multiple cultures, highlight historically marginalized people of color in a positive manner, and relay messages of kindness, tolerance, acceptance, as well as inclusion. Below are a few titles of the various books read in class. If interested, I’d like to encourage you to reread these stories with your first grader and continue the conversations that evolve at home. Together, we can help shape future kind citizens who stand up to injustices in the world and that are accepting of others who may be different than them.


Last Stop on Market Street by Matt De La Pena

We’re All Wonders by RJ Palacio

The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson

Malala’s Magic Pencil by Malala Yousafzai

Julian is a Mermaid by Jessica Love

She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton

Little Melba and Her Big Trombone by Katheryn Russell-Brown

Whoosh!: Lonnie Johnson’s Super Soaking Stream of Inventions by Chris Barton

Apple Pie Fourth of July by Janet Wong

Dreamers by Yuyi Morales

Drawn Together by Minh Le


*Important to note, when selecting books to share with our first graders I often consider if characters are authentic rather than stereotypical and values are explored instead of preached. You can do the same when helping your young reader find books in the library or bookstore.


Beverly Daniel Tatum shares her personal story of explaining race to her young son. Check out her Ted talk if interested by copying and pasting the following link:

Contact the Teacher

Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns. I will respond Monday - Friday within 24 hours typically. Thanks for your patience.

copy and paste:


Should you feel the need to chat with me about your student, please email me to book an appointment. Thanks! 

Mrs. K In Iceland!
Mrs. K In Iceland :)
Meet Mrs. Kornow (Mrs. K)

I am so excited to be your child's first grade teacher! Here are a few things about me . . .


How do you pronounce your last name?

Kornow is pronounced corn-now. Most of the students just call me Mrs. K. :) 


What is your teaching experience?

While receiving my multiple subjects teaching credential from SFSU, I taught second and fourth grade in the Berkeley School District. Thereafter, I taught second grade in East Palo Alto and then found my home at Springhill Elementary School where I have taught both second and first grade. I have a Masters in Education with a concentration in literacy as well as a reading specialist credential from CSUF. I have training in Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop as well as have experience facilitating activities and lessons associated with the California Common Core State Standards. I have additionally served as a teacher leader by representing first grade on our district’s curriculum council, facilitated professional development sessions with an emphasis on differentiating reading and writing instruction for primary teachers, and have led a small group of staff in creating a school wide read aloud program that has helped support our school community in maintaining an inclusive and accepting environment where all feel welcome. I am very excited to continue to be a part of the Springhill community and look forward to getting to know you and your family! 


Who is in your family and where are you from?

I grew up in Southern California and have moved around as an adult living in San Luis Obispo, Austin (TX), San Francisco, and Oakland. I now live in Pleasant Hill with my husband, children, and French Bulldogs (Hugo and Tubbers). 


What are your hobbies?

Outside of teaching I enjoy many activities. I love to travel! My husband and I have been to 23 countries and all over the United States! I also like to go to the movies, practice yoga, read, enjoy musicals and ballets, go to the beach, ski, and hike.


Fun Facts:

Favorite Color:      blue

Favorite Animal:    sea turtle 

Favorite Sweet:     pie

Favorite Book:       The Giving Tree

Favorite Sport:      baseball (go Giants!) 

Favorite Song:       “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Favorite Drink:      Chai tea with almond milk