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Weekly Homework

Please remind students to check their assignment pages daily!

Check Google classroom for homework; beginning 11/13 there will be AT LEAST one assignment a week online only

Got extra time at home? Practicing choice writing to get ideas flowing into written work!

Please help your student remember to check their assignment sheet in their homework binder. Often homework will be unfinished classwork from math and/or social studies!


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Sarah Dolphin

Welcome to Room 16

Headline News:

State Reports are due Tues December 11th. Feel free to ask your student to share about what they've been working on if you haven't seen it! They will have an opportunity to take these home to share, but will need to bring them back to class. 



We will accept, respect, and appreciate that we are all different.

We will achieve, succeed and grow as learners,

And every day we will strive to inspire and motivate others.

Weekly Recap: check here for an ongoing brief update of what we are working on in different subject areas


       In Writer's Workshop students are wrapping up their biographical writing about someone important from their state. Additionally they will be working on informational writing about a topic of their choice for an Expert Hour project. 


       In Reader's Workshops we are looking at a range of information texts to learn new information in different formats. 


    We are almost finished with our work about addition & subtraction with Decimals, where we focus on understanding place value of both whole numbers and decimal numbers. We have also worked on operations with numbers more than and less than 1 whole. 

    One outside strategy that can really help make decimals feel 'real' is with money and measurement. I would LOVE to challenge some of you to ask your student to calculate the change needed to pay with cash/coins at a store! These are things they have practice in class, and are constantly asking me "But when will this ever reallyyy matter??" Let's show them how math never stops!


   PLEASE try to keep up with Reflex math whenever possible. As we jump into the new year starting with a quick review and then extending previous work into new fraction topics, it is very clear that extra fact practice can only help. Thanks for reminding your students that all practice helps!! Here is the link:

In the top right corner your student should be able to select 'Student Login' as a drop-down option from the 'Log In' button.  From there, the teacher log-in name is "sdolphin" and they should see a button that says Dolphin 18-19. Students should then find their name. If you need your student's login/password please let me know.


Science: Students are working on . 

  Check out Ms. Bornfleth's Springhill Science Lab page linked off the Springhill home page!



    Students have finished their second unit about Explorers and the European input to the Age of Discovery. 

    Our next unit will be focusing on explorations that began to expand across the Atlantic Ocean and the discovery of the 'New World', as well as the early Americams. 


Social Studies:

    Students have each been assigned their specific state for our on-going state report which we have begun working on in class.  Additionally we will continue discussing elements of map making and recognizing geographical features both in our historical regions and current state work. Students also have US Geography game time each week. In addition to fulfilling multiple 5th grade standards, different games are a fun way for students to learn and 'place' in their minds where many names of National parks, interesting cities that aren't capitals, or where historic events have occurred. Ask your child about Scrambled States of America!

Google Classroom & Newsela Login Info

Below is the link to our Google Classroom site-we will work on signing up for this in class soon! Code needed is: y10wzjq


Newsela: This is the website I get a lot of cool articles for Morning Minutes; join our class to browse for research articles!

Important Reminders

Homework: Your child should spend 20-30 minutes reading each night, even if it is not specifically written on assignment page/website. Building good learning & study habits it a HUGE aspect of 5th grade. 

Allergies/Illness, etc.: For the well being of all of our students, there will be absolutely zero consumption of food or drinks [water not included] during class time unless it is medically necessary. If your child seems to be affected by a small cold or allergies, please help remind them at home as well that washing hands, covering mouths/noses helps minimize the spread of germs! If your child is exhibiting symptoms of illness, please be sure to keep them home until symptoms are gone.


Contact Information

Hello! Please feel free to contact me whenever you need with any questions or concerns. The most efficient way to reach me is via email: I will be as prompt with my email as possible, but please allow 24 hours for a response on a weekend. If something is urgent, let me know in the email and I can call you ASAP.

If you would like to communicate another way beside email, you can call me at school (ext. 8016) in the afternoons from 2:50-3:30-I will to try to be in my room close to the phone most days at this time. Leave a message if I don't pick up with the best number to return your call at. 

Ms. Dolphin's Scholastic Book Orders

Please enter the following code to our online classroom through Scholastic: MHTQQ.

Remember, the more orders submitted, the more points Room 16 earns to spend on our classroom library!!


Educational Links

European Explorers

Math Expressions Resources:

Check out our Springhill Computer Lab 'Favorites' Page for more sites across the curriculum!

USA Tourist Website-Helpful for the Eye Witness/Travel part of your State Report!

State Information-easy to explore

State Information-straight forward facts for research

State Information-has interesting questions/fun facts

e-Reference website: