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Behavior Expectations

Each child in my class is treated with respect and acceptance no matter who they are and what they need to be a successful learner. In the classroom, children earn bonus chips (tokens) for making good choices for themselves ex.  They fully participate in a lesson, they make positive responses to peers/staff, they show active listening, they treat others as they would want to be treated etc.  We count our earned tokens each day and end the week using calculators to find the large total.  At the end of the month all the children have an opportunity to shop and send their bonus point savings at "Caldwell Collectibles".  Each child can choose to save their chips and have the reward of saving a lot of points or spend for immediate reward.  


Mrs. Caldwell's weekly schedule of extra fun


Music -4th grade

Buddy Readers from Mrs. Churchill 


Jenna Time-Downtown

Music- 5th grade and Downtown

Club Fit-All grades and Downtown

Library- 4th grade

Buddy Readers from Miss Dolphin



Science Lab-Downtown

Music- Downtown

LPIE art-5th grade

Buddy Readers from Ms. Deitch



Buddy Readers from Mrs. Newcomb

Library- 4th grade



Pay Day/Calculators

Library- Downtown

Music- 5th grade

Spelling Tests

Go Noodle Day

Buddy Readers from Mrs. Meadows


Erin Caldwell

Welcome to Downtown Room 5


Welcome to Downtown at Springhill School 2021-2022 school year. I am Erin Caldwell.  I have been teaching special education for 34 years and still love it. In my quest to keep up with technology, I have created this site to help you and your child navigate through our class. This site will be updated to share upcoming events, policies and procedures, class photos, and any documents you may need. You are also welcome to review your child's mainstream teacher's website. Within my site, you will find links to get you to their respective classroom sites. Please contact me with any concerns or questions. 


Erin Caldwell    925-927-3580 ext. 8005       


Classroom aides: Andrea, Graciela, and Vanesa


Below is an introduction to Mrs. Caldwell's Class.  Policies and procedures are listed in detail under specific bullets.

Contacting Mrs. Caldwell- It is easiest to reach me through the school email.  Since I do check their folders each day notes will reach me quickly also.  In the past it has been very difficult for phone messages to reach me in a timely manner.

Homework- At the beginning of each week a homework packet will be sent home for your child to complete.  The entire completed packet is due on Friday unless otherwise stated.  If the homework is not enough or too much for your child, please let me know.  Homework should be a review of material and “do-able” for your child.

Nut FreeZone-  Our classroom is a Nut Free Zone.  We will not be allowing any nuts or nut products in our classroom due to severe student allergies.  Most of the school will also be adhering to this request. Please help us all stay safe and nut free.

Snack-  We will have time each day for snack at the 10:30 recess.  If your child wishes to eat then, please send him/her with a healthy snack.  We are not allowed to share food with peers. Remember no nuts!

Lunch- We will eat in the multipurpose room 2-3 days a week.  The remaining days, we will eat on the lower play yard.  The students are permitted to eat with their mainstream class or with their friends from Room1. The children will have a minimum of 15 minutes to eat and then be dismissed for recess play.  Hot lunch sales are available each month online through an outside vendor. Please see the Springhill Elementary Website for more information regarding  lunch sales.

Mainstreaming- This is often a source of frustration for many of the students but something so important in their education.  Each child has been assigned to a mainstream teacher in his/her grade level.  The students will go to this classroom for a variety of possible areas such as: LPIE art, Science Lab, Club Fit, Music, lunch/ recess, library and computer lab.   Some of the students will also attend social studies, math, and group with their mainstream class.  They each have their own desk in this class or seat and have all begun this process since the first week of school.

Friday Folders- Each Friday, your child will go home with a folder.  The folder will contain notes from class, school, and /or mainstreaming.  Also included will be some of the work we have completed during the week.  Please review the work with your child, sign, and return the folder  and the Daily Diary with him/her the next school day.  The work is yours to keep.

Daily Diary- Your child earns points each day for controlling his/her behavior, completing goals, and making good academic and social choices. The diary will share with you what your child has participated in with their mainstream class, their special education class and individually during that school day. Please review the diary with your child and praise them for a day well done.  Sign the Daily Diary and put it back in your child’s folder for return the next school day.

Country Store- On the first Friday of each month the students have an opportunity to spend any bonus chips that they have earned/saved throughout the previous weeks at “Caldwell Collectibles” Every day the children earn points for doing the right thing, participating, good work, peer relations…  Each morning the points (poker chips) are counted by the students.  The value of the chips determined by the students “on task behavior”, thus teaching the students to better skip count by 1, 2, 3,5, They are working on their multiplication facts without even knowing it.  Their daily chip total is kept in their personal account at Caldwell Fargo.  I do take any donations of any old items you have cleaned out of your closets.  The children like to buy fun pencils, hand held pencil sharpeners and of course toys.

Library Books- We will go to the library 2x each week for a lesson and book check out. (once with Downtown and once with mainstreaming)  Students do not take home their books.  We use the books for Silent Reading and buddy Readers each day. If you really want your child to bring their books home, please let me know, since this won’t be a common practice.

Birthday – The District has a policy regarding food.  We cannot give out food!  They are restricting our consumption of sweets.  There can be exceptions with prior approval, so please contact me directly.

Sharing- We do not have sharing of physical items at this age.  Toys are not allowed in the classroom.  If there is something very special or something that pertains to our curriculum that would be nice to share, prior permission is needed before it can come to school. We do allow oral sharing of experiences.

Fieldtrips-  Due to COVID-19 protocol, field trips will be limited this year. If they occur, they may possibly only be virtual or outside.

Playgrounds rules




Mainstream Teacher 


Mainstream teacher- 

4th Grade

Nancy Newcomb

Debbie Deitch

5th Grade

Sarah Dolphin

Jen Meadows



Homework packets are sent home Monday in your child's folder.  They are not due back to class until Friday.  Part of the weeks homework includes, a weekly reading log, and signed and returned Daily Diaries each day.  Your child will participate in Friday Pay Day and will be rewarded for their week's work.