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Character Counts!
Character Counts

Helen Hirsch


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A'Peeling News


We have finished  our nonfiction unit. The class has loved all of the winter books. They also enjoyed the holiday books. Many children have decided that nonfiction is their favorite genre. We have selected partners for reading based on common interests. 


We started our 2 digit subtraction unit. The class keeps reciting, "If there is more on the floor, go next door!" I have used blocks as well as number lines. We will continue to use a variety of strategies. Please keep practicing math facts with your child. Reflex math has helped many students build confidence and fluency. 


The class finished their information books. They shared them with their peers in another second grade class as well. They have been writing in their journals.

Art,  Science and Social Studies

We made direct draw gingerbread men. The class has enjoyed all of the holiday art. The class loved starting their friendship bracelets.

Differentiated Instruction

The children will have many opportunities to work on center  enrichment activities. We have started working in pairs in Math, Reading Spelling and Phonics..

Helen Hirsch, Room 17,

(925) 927-3580 X8017

Helen Hirsch Locker
Reminders and Important Dates

Have a wonderful winter break!

Please note the early dismissal for Friday, December 20th.

We return on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020!



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