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Character Counts!
Character Counts

Helen Hirsch


George swinging

A'Peeling News


The class enjoyed many  holiday and winter season books. They like to read with a partner. They are building their stamina during silent reading time.


We have been working on subtraction 2 and 3 digit numbers. We have been using a variety of strategies. The class has also focused on word problems. We have also been using open number lines. They love all of the differentiated activities that they work on in small groups.


The class finished their non-fiction books. They have been adding details and descriptions. We continue to work on punctuation. 

Art,  Science and Social Studies

The class made holiday art. Their favorite were the snowmen we made with our buddies. We continued our Science unit. We finished our holiday books.

Differentiated Instruction

  The children have had many opportunities to work on center activities. We have used the chrome books and iPads. 

Helen Hirsch, Room 17,

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Helen Hirsch Locker

Reminders and Important Dates

The class did a terrific job of signing the pledge at the board meeting!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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