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Brain Pop (To access through Ed1Stop please see the librarian.) This site uses short videos to briefly explain a number of topics from social studies to science to math. There are related activities and quizzes with each video.

Brain Pop, Jr. (To access through Ed1Stop please see the librarian.) This is a simplified version of Brain Pop for younger users.

Cobblestone This database has articles related to U.S. history, which are pulled from several magazines that focus on history and culture..

Online Learning Exchange (OLE) (To access please see the librarian.) This database has articles, photos, and videos related to the social studies curriculum we are currently using.

World Book Online(To access through Ed1Stop please see the librarian.) This site has several age appropriate versions of the popular encyclopedia with links to photos and short videos on selected topics. Articles can be translated into many different languages or read aloud. It also offers help in citing articles used for research papers.



Our Library


The Lafayette School District Library Program is essential to the learning process and is fully integrated into the district's strategic plan and curriculum. It prepares students and staff to be responsible users of ideas and information. Emphasis is placed on the appreciation and enjoyment of reading as well as empowering students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in a quickly changing world.


The Lafayette School District library programs provide whole class instruction in accordance with the state adopted California Model School Library Standards while fostering a love of reading and learning with a diverse range of materials. The collections are managed to support Common Core Standards and school site curriculum as well as independent reading for the school community. Ongoing collaboration with teachers, coaches and specialists helps to provide a variety of both print and digital resources that target instructional needs. Digital Citizenship curriculum is provided by the library staff in the specific area of Information Literacy to promote the responsible use of information and communication technology. Additionally, the library staff oversees the management of Literacy Resources for both the Reading and Writing Workshop models of instruction to provide support for the district's strategic plan.


Class Visit Schedule

Each class comes to the library every week on the same day and at the same time. To check on your child's library schedule, go to Springhill Library Schedule.


Circulation Policies


Kindergartners       One book for one week

1st Graders            One book for one week at the start of the year

2nd- 5th Graders    Four books for two weeks



Students may reserve a book that is already checked out by filling out a reserve request slip at the checkout desk. The student will receive the book when it is available.


Overdue Books

We give overdue lists to teachers every Friday. If books are not returned when they are due, students may not check out new books. If a student has a book that is six weeks overdue, a reminder is sent to parents with the price of the missing book indicated. Overdue books must be returned before a student may receive a report card.



If a book is damaged or lost, we charge a replacement fee of $25.00 for a hardcover book and $10.00 for a paperback book. Parents also have the option of replacing the book.



Dewey with Background Book

Springhill School Library has a web-based online public access catalog (OPAC) that can be accessed from any of six search stations in the library, in the classroom, or at home from any computer or device with internet access.


What's in the Library?

  • 13, 500 books for student checkout
  • 42 reference books
  • 80 ebooks
  • 272 books for parents and staff
  • 81 DVDs for classroom use
  • 9 children's magazines
  • 2 magazines for staff members 

Shelves with Books