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Room 12 Important LInks!

Laura Spain

January 2018

Happy New Year!!  Wow, how did we already get to this point in our school year??!!  Welcome back everyone!  I hope you all had a great winter break.  


Room 12 has lots going on right now.  We are in full swing and it's great to be back to our routines!  


In math:  We are in the thick of multiplication with 2 digit by 2 digit.  We are using different strategies which you have all seen for homework.  Students are making nice progress and we will continue using and practicing daily.  For at home practice, using REFLEX is a great support for keeping those math facts fluent.  Practice ongoing and weekly!!  This upcoming week we will begin division with remainders.  


Writing:  Students did a great job on their realistic fiction pieces.  We are done with this unit and are moving on to our next genre of writing.....OPINION writing!  This is a super fun time to write!  What 4th grader isn't opinionated and ready to share their feelings about an important topic!!!  This is a great writing unit!!


Social studies:  We have just wrapped up our Calif. Native American studies and finished it up with reading Island of the Blue Dolphins.  We are in the middle of early Calif. explorers and will launch in to Calif. Missions very soon.


As you can see, we are in full speed in room 12!!!   Continue supporting your 4th grader with good homework habits, staying responsible with their work at home, keeping it neat, using extra paper if needed for any work, so not jamming their work on one page.  We talk about this all the to really be aware of how to make and keep out work neat and meaningful.  It all takes practice.  Continue nightly reading habits and remember to log on to Reflex.  Routine is very important.


FRIDAY FOLDER helpers:  Please check your schedules!  Leslie W. can  get you plugged in.  We do need help this Friday.  It hasn't been done in a few weeks!!


Thank you to all of our great math center helpers!  Your help is so much appreciated!


GREET TEAM help needed!  Please let Debbie Krackler know if you might be able to help once in a while during lunch time.  Our Green Team will be up and running as soon as we start eating in the MPR.  With rain finally here, we will need some help with GT.  Talk to me or Debbie.  


Our next Wed. Briones hike is scheduled for this Wednesday, Jan 10th).....rain and mud will determine our decision and or route!!


Thank you!!!

Ms. Spain




Room 12 October news!

Happy October!!  We are cruising along in room 12!  Thank you to everyone who helped on our first field trip to Mitchell Canyon!  What a great day we had out there.  We learned a lot about Mt. Diablo & it's native tarantulas!  


In Writers Workshop, students are busy working on their realistic fiction pieces.  We have spent the past couple of weeks on character development and plotting out our story arcs.  We are off to a great start and kids are sharing their wonderful work!


In math we are moving on to multiplication and will be learning different strategies.  We are also starting word problems that will use different operations.   We just finished up rounding, place value, reading and writing large numbers, and addition/subtraction with large numbers.  


Math Centers on Wednesdays are a great way for you to come in and help in room 12!  


Our next Briones hike is scheduled for 10/18.  We leave at 9:30 and return by 10:30.


SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDERS are always open!!  You can place orders at any time.  I will get a notice and will place your order within a day or two.



Scholastic book orders class code: H3TKX

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