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Thinking Strategies:

The children are digging deeper in the 

meaning of text. They are trying to understand

why the author wrote the book and what the

message he or she is trying to tell the reader.

We have had wonderful discussions after our

read alouds. 

Character Counts!
Character Counts

Helen Hirsch


George swinging

A'Peeling News


The class loved Read with your Stuffed Animal Day! They  enjoyed reading chapter books and sharing with their partners. 

The students also liked our shared reading lesson that highlighted poe


We have been reviewing concepts from the whole year.The class favorite game is I Have. They also love Around the World.


The class enjoyed working on their original stories. They also enjoyed using the small booklets for their illustrations and final product.

Art,  Science and Social Studies

The class has been working on a variety of art projects. They liked making new creations from the first initial of their names. We focused on the ocean theme. We have been talking about our family unit and kindness.

Differentiated Instruction

  I have been using music as a transition signal for the children to come to the rug for a whole class lesson. The children have been working with a partner in reading, spelling, math and writing. They each have a learning partner at their table as well. We will continue to use the chrome books for math, reading, and spelling.

Welcome to Room 17!

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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