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Meghann McNaught


K 3 Is The Place To Be!

K3 Farm

K3 Farm

Hello Families!


Our week went by quickly! The children were so happy to be back from their vacation! It seemed like they were rested and excited to see each other!


This week we worked on the sight-words “how” and “ball,” next week we will work on “got” and “girl”. The children are working in their third and final sight-word book! We have learned so many! Each week we practice writing, spelling and reading these important words. Please continue to practice at home! I can really tell the extra practice is making a big difference in their reading and writing! They are writing more and more of these words correctly in their daily writing!


In phonics we worked on the digraph “wh” this week. We did a lot of sorting with digraphs and listening for the “sh,ch, th and wh” sounds in words. Next week we will work with the long e sound of “ee” and “ea.”


In social studies we read a lot about life on a farm. The children painted their favorite farm animal, wrote farm facts, learned farm poems and created a fun song book entitled “Down on Grandpa’s Farm.”


In Writer’s Workshop we worked on How To Stories.  These teaching stories involve writing steps and directions.  There are so many different ideas being written about.  From, How to read, ride a bike, swim and even help the homeless! The children are having fun with this unit!

In math this week we worked with pattern blocks, solved story problems and practice subtraction with pictures! The mathematicians now know how to subtract and add with their fingers, pictures, manipulatives and number lines!



Have a lovely weekend! – Meghann

Welcome to Kindergarten!

My name is Meghann McNaught and I am excited to be sharing the year with your child. This kindergarten year will be a year of new beginnings, a year filled with large and small accomplishments, a year of trying new things and making new friends. Kindergarten is an important year in your child's education. It sets the foundation for for future years. I am honored to be on this very memorable and special journey with you and your child.

Early Friends Arrival Time 8:15-12:45.


Late Friends Arrival Time 9:30-2:00. 


Please be on time to pick up your child, and please let me know how your child will be picked up (Happy Days, Baby Sitter).


Wacky Wednesday: All K Classes Attend 8:15-11:45.

Both early and late friends arrive to K3 at 8:15.


I believe that a good parent-teacher relationship is necessary for maximum school success. Throughout the year I will communicate with you through notes, telephone calls, weekly newsletters, emails and parent teacher conferences. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time. The best way is through my school email.



I'm looking forward to a wonderful year!

Meghann McNaught




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Important Dates:


Wednesday, April 25th Kindergarten Open House 5-6



Class Supplies Needed:

-Clorox Wipes


Lafayette School District Common Core Standards