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Reading with Mrs. Thallaug

Reading with Mrs. Thallaug

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Meghann McNaught


K 3 Is The Place To Be!

K3 Winter Wonderland

K3 Winter Wonderland

Hi everyone, we had a super week in kindergarten!

In math, we worked on; subitizing and composing the numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, and identifying numbers 1-20. Two days a week we are having “math workshop”. During math workshop, the boys and girls work with math concepts in game like formats. The children are becoming more and more independent, and are really enjoying the autonomy in their learning!


The hundredth day of kindergarten is approaching fast! On Friday, February 2nd, the students are invited to bring 100 items to use in the classroom for the day. They must fit into a 1-gallon zip lock bag and please, no food items. Some suggestions are; stickers, pennies, crayons, rocks, legos, and toothpicks. Please also make sure that your child’s bag is labeled with his or her name. We will be engaged in various learning activities throughout the100th day to work with the number “100”.


In Writer’s Workshop, we are learning all about the tools that writers can use to help make their writing better, and easier to read! Some of the tools your child can use are his or her “Sound-a-bet” chart, a vowel chart, and a mini word-wall. All of these tools are found in the student’s writing folder! We are still writing true stories.

In Reader’s Workshop this week we focused on recognizing sounds in the beginning and end of a word. Using our “sound power” we always make sure to see the sounds at the END of a word too. Make sure to ask your child about my lesson on a trip to the donut store.  We worked a lot with the short sound of the letter “e”. Next week we will work with the short “I”. We also talked about rhyming words and patterns in books. We started to use Soundabet to warm up our reading muscles each day. Soundabet is a program developed by a veteran kindergarten teacher that focuses on sounds not letters. The children are learning about digraphs and dipthongs. Digraphs are two letters that make one sound. Some examples are "ch" and "sh." Dipthongs are when two vowels are together and there is a strong vowel sound and weak vowel sound. Some examples are "ay" and "ee." The more your child can recognize these tricky sounds, the better his or her reading and writing will become!


We continued reading lots of informational books about MLK and Rosa Parks. We talked about living in peace, celebrating diversity, accepting and celebrating differences. We learned about Dr. King’s beliefs on non-violent protests, and the struggles that America went through during his lifetime. The children had the opportunity to write about some of the teachings and beliefs Martin Luther King had. They are inspirational! They also wrote their own dreams for a better world! Come by and take a look!

We had our 8th LPIE art lesson on Friday! The lesson focused on the art concept of “outline”. Each artist drew and water-colored a sea-monster! Once again, the lesson was engaging and fun for the children!

Can you believe we are halfway through the school year?! What a very unique time this kindergarten year is in your child’s life. I am in awe of each child’s growth and development. Please know how much I enjoy each day with them! - Meghann

Welcome to Kindergarten!

My name is Meghann McNaught and I am excited to be sharing the year with your child. This kindergarten year will be a year of new beginnings, a year filled with large and small accomplishments, a year of trying new things and making new friends. Kindergarten is an important year in your child's education. It sets the foundation for for future years. I am honored to be on this very memorable and special journey with you and your child.

Early Friends Arrival Time 8:15-12:45.


Late Friends Arrival Time 9:30-2:00. 


Please be on time to pick up your child, and please let me know how your child will be picked up (Happy Days, Baby Sitter).


Wacky Wednesday: All K Classes Attend 8:15-11:45.

Both early and late friends arrive to K3 at 8:15.


I believe that a good parent-teacher relationship is necessary for maximum school success. Throughout the year I will communicate with you through notes, telephone calls, weekly newsletters, emails and parent teacher conferences. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time. The best way is through my school email.



I'm looking forward to a wonderful year!

Meghann McNaught




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Important Dates:


Friday, February 2nd- The 100th Day of Kindergarten!

Class Supplies Needed:

-Clorox Wipes

Building Teen Numbers

Building Teen Numbers



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