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Friday, December 1st - due to the chilly weather, we will not have garden in first grade tomorrow. If you were signed up to volunteer, please stay home. We'll see you in the spring.

Thank you!! Miss B


Total Solar Eclipse

August 21st, 2017 is our next total solar eclipse! While we won't be treated to the complete solar eclipse in Lafayette (on our first day back at school), we will still enjoy a partial eclipse. Click on this NASA link to learn more.




The Springhill Science Lab

The Springhill Science Lab is moving to room 19 this year!  We will be in the classroom closest to the garden. Students experience hands-on science in a dedicated lab and use science notebooks to integrate the lab experiences and Literacy in Common Core State Standards.  

The science curriculum continues to evolve to adopt of the Next Generation Science Standards.  Check out the new standards here.




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Interactive Science Notebooks

All students will be using Interactive Science Notebook this year to integrate science and Common Core State Standards.  Research shows that writing, reading and talking about science is essential to increase and deepen conceptual understanding by:

  • Using writing to construct and process science concepts
  • Modeling what real scientists do
  • Recording observations, ideas, questions and thinking
  • Recording information, interpreting results, reflecting on learning, and showing evidence of understanding
  • Reading and writing with science language and non-fiction conventions 
  • Using writing and creativity to support inquiry-based learning and Common Core State Standards
  • Preparing students with skills to function and make decisions in the 21st century.