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Nancy Newcomb

Fourth Grade: Room 21

Weekly News

Welcome to Room 21!


Welcome to

Mrs. Newcomb’s

Fourth Grade!


Parent/Teacher Conferences:  September 25-September 29, Dismissal for 4th graders will be at 12:00 all week.  Students will have band, strings and chorus on Monday but not on Thursday.  Please do not bring instruments on Thursday.  




Math Fluency in 4th Grade

Andy Schipper, Lafayette District math mentor sent teachers the following information about math fluency. "I think in 4th and 5th grade, fluency with multiplication facts is a pretty big deal.  Having fluency allows you to 'see' multiplicative patterns that underlie concepts like common demoninators, ratios, etc...so much of math past 6th grade relies of 'multiplicative' patterns and reasoning. What can parents do?  GAMES, GAMES, GAMES.  There was an early 20th century educator who said (I am paraphrasing) 'Games are to math as books are to language.'  I know many people are using online sites like Sumdog, Funbrain, MathFactsPro, etc.  All are good.  Another good resource is Xtramath.org.  The bottom line here is that there is no substitute for practice, and practice is more sustained and effective when the brain is fully engaged.  And games are more engaging than flash cards!"

Mr. C has many links to math games on Springhill Web page.  Just click on Springhill Computer Lab on the column on the right side of the webpage. You will find a heading of "math" when you are on the computer lab page.  Please set aside time during the week for practice at home of math facts.

Current Assignments

Today: 4/26/18

Holiday Traditions PowerPoints

click on the link to see the holiday tradition PowerPoints.